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Nov 29, 2012

Edward Norton's special screening of "The Impossible" honoring Naomi on Nov 28, 2012

Naomi is joined by Edward Norton at a screening honoring her he hosted of her new film The Impossible on Wed (Nov 28) at the Dolby 24 Screening Room in New York City.

This is following Angelina Jolie & Brat Pitt's holding of a private special screening of the film and Mark Ruffalo's beautiful write-up for Naomi for the SAG Voting Preview, all indicating that Naomi's fellow actors and peers are and will be coming out in support of her at this year upcoming awards season. This is very encouraging inded.


mary said...

This is a beautiful dress on her.

doug eldon said...

Bravo, Ed, this is the right thing to do to honor a real talent!

alex said...

I hope more fellow actors will come out to show their support.

johnQ said...

Can anyone do this? or just the celebrity?