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Oct 21, 2017

Naomi Watts to Star in Psychological Thriller ‘The Wolf Hour’

Watts will portray a woman who was once a celebrated counter-culture figure who now lives alone in her Bronx apartment, having all but cut herself off from the outside world during the notorious “Summer of Sam” in 1977. As she retreats further into isolation, an unseen tormentor begins exploiting her weaknesses. Watts will also executive produce.

“The Wolf Hour” is directed by Alistair Banks Griffin and is supported by the Sundance Institute Feature Film Program. Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Bailey Conway Anglewicz from Automatik will produce the film along with Bradley Pilz, who will fully finance and produce under his newly formed Bradley Pilz Productions......(read on)

Oct 16, 2017

Naomi Watts' morning strolls

Naomi Watts taking a morning stroll with her dog in NYC respectively on Oct 14 & 15, 2017.

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Oct 12, 2017

Naomi Watts @ Take Home a Nude Art - Oct 11, 2017

Naomi Watts is pretty as a picture in belted black dress at fundraising gala... and reunites with ex Liev Schreiber to bid for art at auction at the Take Home a Nude Art event on Oct 11, 2017.

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Oct 5, 2017

Naomi Watts walking dog in a skirt on Oct 4, 2017

Naomi Watts makes the most of the summery weather in pretty polka dot dress and denim jacket as she walks her pet pooch Bob in NYC on Oct 4, 2017.

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Oct 4, 2017

A couple of Naomi's sightings in the past week

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Sep 27, 2017

Happy Birthday to Naomi ! - September 28, 2017

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Sep 26, 2017

Naomi Watts attends Paris Fashion Week Dior Sep 25, 2017

Paris Fashion Week: Naomi Watts sits front row at Dior Paris Week Sep 25, 2017.

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