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May 18, 2010

First look of Naomi as Marilyn Monroe

Take a first look at Naomi's Portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, image just released from Cannes* after a high-profile announcement of her casting as the leading lady of a new film "Blonde" featuring the early years of Marilyn Monroe as Norma Jean - her name in real-life.

*CORRECTION﹕ The photo of Naomi looking and dressing like Marilyn is actually not new but an old photo taken in 2008 at the MET gala, thanks readers of this blog for clearing this up.


Anonymous said...

Just to be clear. That image is from a photoshoot taken last year or so, where Naomi was shot in these pictures reminiscent of Marilyn. It doesn' belong to the movie per se. Some websites don't realize that and keep saying this is from the movie.

Anyway, Naomi could pull this role off in her sleep! She's that good!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people are reporting this as being a 'first look' at Naomi as Marilyn for the Blonde movie when this photoshoot is from 2008.

Richard said...

Thank you Anonymous for pointing this out. This photo is from the May 2008 MET gala.

Tif said...

The photo is from a photoshoot by Ali Mahdavi in 2008. The dress is a Thierry Mugler gown that Naomi wore for the shoot & to the 2008 MET Gala. :)