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Sep 7, 2010

"The Impossible" - first words from the director

[original in Spanish]

J.A. Bayonne explains ' to us; The impossible thing 

J.A. Bayonne has begun the running of its second and very ambitious largometraje, ' The Imposible' , on the effect of tsunami in Thailand in 2004. The own director exclusively sends his impressions to us of the film that Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts next to Marta Etura and Tom Holland carry out. “I write these lines to You from New York, after an intense week of tests, clothes tests and maquillaje with the actors.

To be again Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor imposes, but not much more that when I was in front of Bethlehem Wheel for the first time in the Orphanage. Like she, is shining actors, with common sense and an infinite capacity of delivery. While, the communication with the equipment is constant and to all hours, because the heads of each department are distributed between Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante and Thailand.

For when these lines leave published already begins the running of a film in which we took working two years and we will take almost other two in releasing. The responsibility is tremendous in all the senses: among others things, the change of sort, working in a language that is not yours, the weight to tell to a tragedy still so recent and the tremendous generosity of those people who trusted their history to us we took so that it to the screen.

I have like allies an iron script that Sergio G. Sanchez has forged as if the life was to him in it, the confidence of the producers, motivadísimo equipment, Spanish almost in his totality, that is not scared before the idea to make things that never nobody has done before and a wonderful group of actors with whom I have ***reflxed mng myself and moved in the tests.

With all of them on board I am convinced that our objective will be simpler to make the Impossible thing possible.” The equipment now rolls in the audio-visual complex of Alicante City of the Light that later will move to Thailand. In Alicante scenes in an outer aquatic plate are being rolled - a great water tank.

' Imposible' it counts on a prestigious equipment. They honor the director of art, Eugene Horseman, Oscar Faura (he photographs), Fernando Vela'zquez (music) and Felix Bergés (visual effects). The coordinator of special effects is Neil Corbould (Gladiator), and company DDT (David Martí and Montse Ribé) collaborates in the maquillaje department. They produce Apaches Entertainment and Telecinco Cinema.

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