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May 23, 2010

Naomi before leaving Cannes (a dulplicate & re-post of our "photo of the day" & forum entry on May 21, 2010)

Since some of our regular followers, visitors and supporters have specifically asked to see the set of images of her posing at the beautiful shore of Cannes before leaving the city on May 21, 2010, apparently missing our "Photo of the Day" entry on the same day on the right column of our blog, I've provided below picture links to those images (tagless HQs/superHQs included) on our forum also posted on the same day which you may click to see, it's my pleasure, please enjoy.

image hosted by
*Click above photos to access tagless HQ(L)/superHQ(R) images.

*Naomi on Valerie Plame & new footage from the movie
- an interview at the Cannes harbour (video excerpt)

*credit: The Film Distributor
*Presented exclusively for this group by [nw2005]

**And for those who have also missed the images of her gracing the Summer issue of the Italian Vanity Fair Magazine, please check out our May 12 entry on this blog. HQ scans which are reserved exclusively for our dedicated members only are available by special request by email.


ivan said...

Beautiful images. Thank you.

Emma said...

Thank you for Naomi.

Anonymous said...

The super HQS are great images, I can make them into wallpaper, thank you so much, Richard.

Anonymous said...

I love the new film clip and interview video. Thank you for sharing.

tess said...

Very good video. Thanks.