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Jun 2, 2010

Italy Vanity Fair May 2010 UHQ scans

In view of the high demand from our members over the past couple of weeks, I've now added to the forum, as per link below, the UHQ scans from my stock of the photo-pages of the magazine (I've skipped the article-pages since they're in Italian and not English), which please enjoy. Please leave me a comment which I'll appreciate if you like them.

Please note these are our exclusive quality scans each sized over 2350x3200pxl with the exception of the last double-spread which is over 4750x3200pxl, all "tagless" as usual, and with neither the crease nor the smudges that you would see on those posted by others elsewhere. Needless to emphasize those are very annoying things and we don't have that for our members. ;)

Feel free to copy and re-post our scans and help promote our talented beauty but please please do everyone a favour by not stealing the credits from Italian Vanity Fair by tagging the photos, thank you very much. The photos you will find on our [nw2005] group-site are never tagged thus respecting their original owner's rights and giving you a maximum viewing pleasure of the beauty and flairs of Naomi.

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[VF-UHQ scans]


Tess said...

Superb! These scans are the best I've seen so far. Thanks.

Santos said...

I love your scans, they are SO BIG in sizes.

Anonymous said...

Truly wonderful scans especially the cover photo which is clean. Thanks!

Tif said...

Gorgeous scans! Thank you so much for always providing such fantastic Naomi images & news. :)

amy said...

Great scans, really great scans. Thanks, you've done it again!

Emma C said...

Thank you for Naomi!