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Jun 7, 2010

[Article] Naomi Watts Says Liev Schreiber Has Changed Her Life “A Lot”


The 41-year-old actress has been dating Liev since 2005 and they have two children together.  She says her life was full of “sadness” before she met the actor, but is now happier than ever.

She says she was exactly like her character Elizabeth in new drama Mother and Child because she also threw herself into her work to avoid having to deal with her personal issues.

''Elizabeth is immersing herself in her career for one obvious reason: she doesn't want to face the pain,'' Naomi said. ''She doesn't want to stop and look inside and her work is something that she can control.

''I can identify with that. When things were taking off for me in America, I was on a treadmill. I didn't want to have a relationship, particularly. I didn't have such a troubled childhood but there has been some sadness and perhaps I didn't want to face that.

“I think now I've changed a lot. I've slowed down and have a family. When I met Liev, that changed what my life is.''

Naomi and Liev have two sons, Alexander, two, and 18-month-old Samuel. The blonde beauty still can’t believe she created her children, and is struggling to accept that they will one day grow up and move out.

“I still can't believe it when I look at my children, that they came from one little moment and they're people who will learn and figure out all these things and have problems,” she told Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Now they are just like innocent little beings that are learning and growing and soon they'll be all f**ked up like us!''

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