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Aug 6, 2010

Letter of Commendation

A letter received from a regular visitor and supporter of this blog:

Hi, Richard of the STEANDRIC naomi watts BLOG,

Thank you so much for updating on Naomi on a daily basis. This is what true fans of Naomi love, a visit every day guaranteed to have something new to see and read about our beloved Naomi. What is particularily good about your site is your photos, news and information are always current, without markings, and available faster than those other so-called fansites that put you on waiting for only dated or old stuff. Even your flashback photos are very often unseen before images, a bonus with unexpected excitement and surprise for her fans. Thanks again for such an excellent experience and please keep up your good work which we appreciate and support fully. Well done.

Fans of Naomi Watts

Hi, thank you for your encouragement, you can be assured that I'll continue to do my best for her and her true fans.



Amy said...

I support.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Wholeheartedly support.

JohnQ said...

Congrats! I would've no hesitation to co-sign that letter should I be asked. You deserve it, pal!

Karen said...

Cool and congratulation! I've always supported your site which I agree is the best around at this moment. No parallel whatsoever because of your resourceful info and photos. Good work indeed.

Anonymous said...

Your site is definitely better. Heads down.

Santos said...

I can't agree more.

tess said...

It's cool. Consider me a co-signer of this note.

Christine said...

Count me in.