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Sep 15, 2010

Naomi on the set of "The Impossible" in Spain - First Look Here!

*Take a first look of Naomi on the set of "The Impossible' in Spain, here exclusively first on this site, [nw2005] - the everyday Naomi's fan-group.

[original in Spanish]

Naomi Watts and Ewan Mcgregor, protagonists Paolo Vasile, delegated advisor of Telecinco, has visited the running of the last film produced by Telecinco Cinema, ' Imposible' , carried out by Naomi Watts and Ewan Mcgregor. In the photo, of left to right: Paolo Vasile, delegated advisor of Telecinco - chain that co-produces ' Imposible' next to Entertainment- Apaches, actors Tom Holland and Naomi Watts and the director Juan Antonio Bayonne, during the day of running of today in the studies of City of the Light (Alicante) * Naomi Watts and Ewan Mcgregor, protagonists of ' Imposible'.

" Something more than a film of disasters"

ALICANTE. - The Briton Naomi Watts rolls to the orders of the Spanish Juan Antonio Bayonne " Imposible" , " something more than a film of disasters from page three of guión" , the actress said today, in a round table with the director and journalists in the middle of the shooting of the film in Spain.

" Imposible" she recreates tsunami that knocked down the coasts of the Indian Ocean in 2004. " It is a history that leaves from the protagonists - Naomi Watts and their compatriot Ewan McGregor-, of the relations that arise among them and from how they face tragedia" , there is this Bayonne in Alicante, the Spanish Eastern bag. One is besides the second film of this director after the international success " Orfanato" (2007), that provided several supplies to him of Hollywood, although he preferred to embark in this project with the producer Telecinco Cinema, " because what she catches to you he is historia".

Bayonne has recognized that the American society is " conservadora" and that would have had " problems with some secuencias" of the film, on which one is especially cautious for being a recent tragedy. " There will be cadáveres" , the producer has said on the possibility of hurting susceptibilities and conscious that, although in the end they appear " like atrezzo" in the scene, " a corpse is cadáver".

Next to Watts and McGregor, Bayonne has announced today that the actress Geraldine Chaplin will take part in the film with a small paper " that it fitted with ella". The distribution completes the Spanish Marta Etura and the boy Tom Holland - Billy Elliot in the London musical comedy like son of the personage of Watts.

In order to realise " the Spanish project of the year facing the market internacional" - as they promote his producers, it has been necessary to qualify up to forty water pumps in a great tank - the greatest of the world next to the one of the studies FOX Rosarito, in the USA to put in movement up to twelve million liters of this element. One is water of basic sea, made drinkable, chlorinated and red in which, every day from the past 23 of August, Naomi Watts submerges to the actress. One week to culminate the phase of running in the studies of the City of the Light of Alicante, Watts has recognized that the film demands a good physical training to him: " The script is deceptive, because it seems more emotional until you arrive at rodaje" , where the past Tuesday recorded an obstinate sequence to a trunk in the water and in the middle of rubble and vegetation.

The actress, who knew the work Bayonne according to is this today, has declared itself enchanted to work with Spanish directors and has recalled her film " Mulholland Drive" (2001) next to the famous David Lynch, that provided the possibility to him of choosing: " And I make the decisions around directores". " We have a tremendous faith in Bayona" the delegated advisor of Telecinco has said, Paolo Vasile, that is had displaced until the running for " vibrar" with a preassembly of the film, one of most ambitious of this group after other films of great budget like " Orfanato" or " gora". The following shutdown of the running is Thailand. Soon it is predicted the beginning of one long phase of postproduction and the capture of more takings in the tank of Alicante to work digitally and to add volume to the tragedy of " Imposible" , that it could be released after the summer of 2011, probably towards Christmas.


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