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Sep 1, 2010

New exclusive "Mother and Child" dvdcaps

The [nw2005] group is pleased to release our 1st batch of 9x dvdcaps from Naomi's latest film "Mother and Child" for our members' first and exclusive viewing pleasure. All vidcaps are without tags with credits given to the owner(s) of the film. More batches of caps will be released as and when appropriate so please stay attached to us, the only site bringing you the most updated Naomi's on a day-to-day basis without waiting.


Brablay said...

"Mother and Child" - a great movie. The real drama with feelings, experiences. A film about women who live as can and hope fortunately.
Many episodes in a film cause emotions which are difficult for formulating words. They as air which slowly you type in lungs that something to realize, worry. The sight somewhere upwards not to think though to steam of seconds, and then to face a reality. Errors, loneliness, desire to be closed, flight and self-deception or someone's kindness giving forces to move further. Life which simply goes.

I was very happy to see Naomi in a new role. It is brilliant! All characters absolutely real, live and they develop, change - you simply like sympathy. Almost completely you forget that it is game of actors (besides well familiar), so all is live and is plausible on the screen. A film leaving after warm.

I bought a DVD in the collection. In Russia, a film released on September 1:) Yes, in Russia DVD movies always come out much earlier than in other countries. The only pity is that the disc has no extra material. We'll wait for Blue Ray, I hope there will be.

I wish you all pleasant viewing!

Richard said...

Hey, Brablay, thank you very much for your review. The film is indeed very touching in dealing with life and human relations and Naomi's role is memorable, a showcase of her acting skills. Now that I've the dvd I'll put up more caps later.

Richard said...

Hi, neuro-nul, thank you for your long-time support of the group.

Please email me at regarding your membership and we'll go from there.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks. Can't wait for more.