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May 6, 2011

Naomi and Liev at the 25th Israel Film Festival (video)

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The 2011 Israel Film Festival, With Guests Liev Shreiber, Tovah Feldshuh, Naomi Watts and More

By Krissie Fullerton, 06 May 2011

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Israel Film Festival, organizer began its milestone year with a VIP Reception in the Edwardian Room of the Plaza Hotel, followed by an awards ceremony at the Paris Theatre.

The Opening Night film is the New York premiere of Nir Bergman's acclaimed picture "Intimate Grammar," which recently won the Best Feature Film Award from the Jerusalem International Film Festival as well as the Sakura Grand Prix from the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Encompassing over 30 titles, including award-winning features, documentaries and television programs, the Festival opened Thursday, May 5 at Paris Theatre, and continues through May 19, at the AMC Loews 84th Street 6 (2310 Broadway).

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Naomi Watts Presents Film Honour To Partner Liev Schreiber                                       

Naomi Watts stepped in to honour her actor partner Liev Schreiber at the opening of the Israel Film Festival in New York after their author pal Jonathan Safran Foer was forced to pull out of the event.

Foer was due to present the 2011 Iff Cinematic Achievement Award Honoree prize to the Salt star on Thursday (05May11), but the duty was handed to Watts when the writer's kids fell ill hours before the ceremony.

The Australian beauty gushed about Schreiber as she took to the stage, telling the audience, "I'm sorry that our friend Jonathan Safran Foer can't be here. His kids have food poisoning... I'm sad that he can't be here but I'm glad that I can because I don't know of anyone who would rather give him this award which he so obviously deserves...

"He really cares about a lot of things that are deeply important to him and Israel is one of them. We went there (Israel) a couple of years back. This is a man who cares about where he came and the roots of who he is, and so being able to share that experience with him was a great pleasure. He is a true talent. I could go on and on and be here all night speaking about this man who is my partner in crime and the father of my children. He is a wonderful human being, congratulations honey."

Foer befriended Schreiber in 2005 when the actor decided to turn the author's book Everything Is Illuminated into a film, marking his debut as a director and screenwriter.


s2 said...

Wonderful video. She looks so beautiful and her smile...

tess said...

She was presenting a movie award to Liev Schreiber as reported. That's very cool.

Karen said...

I wonder what award is that for Liev. Love him.

Anonymous said...

She's so cute. Never grows old.