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Jun 9, 2011

[©NW2005 First Look] Naomi as Pantene's spokewoman

Naomi making a speech as spokewoman for PANTENE and doing an interview with Beauty Maverick: Q5. She's wearing Louboutins & a dreamy white mini dress (maybe Nina Ricci?)


*The Interview

Amidst a sea of editors, brand reps & eager fans, the multi-talented actress takes a moment to speak with us about all things beauty.

- by Lily Nima (Beauty Maverick: Q5 with Naomi Watts)

Q1: You're here on behalf of Pantene this evening, as a spokesmodel for their Flat-to-Volume collection. But, by the looks of things, you've no trouble with volume. How do you achieve such body?

I have my good days and my bad days, but what I love about Pantene is that they recognize my hair type and allow me to work with it. There's no magic potion. With time, and a specified product regiment, my hair has transformed. In a healthy way.

Q2: What's your one, must-have styling product?

In addition to the Flat-to-Volume products, I also use the brand's Triple Action Mousse. It's great on wet hair. Especially for low maintenance kind-of-girls, like myself. I can maybe drag a hot iron through my hair, but that's about it. This really helps.

[Enter event photographer trying to get a shot. "I'm a bit photophobic, sorry," I say as Ms. Watts strikes a pose. "No? You look gorgeous, by the way, in that cute little blue dress," she responds in a sweet, reassuring tone. "It's Topshop," I chirp. "Oh! I love Topshop."]

Q3: As a working mum, are there any go-to beauty products you simply can't live without?

I always use SPF for myself and my kids. I've heard that the greater the number, the greater the protection, is a myth. So I stick with SPF30.

Q4: You're known for your luminous glow. How do keep your skin looking so well?

I try to drink lots of water, and get as much sleep as I can get hold of — which is never enough.

Q5: Do you ever knick any grooming products from your husband [Liev Schriber]? If so, what do you 'borrow'?

(All smiles)


Ivan said...

Great legs and a perfect body.

Emma C said...

Thank you for Naomi.