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Sep 2, 2011

Watts's homing instinct

Andrew Hornery, SMH
Sep 3, 2011

NAOMI WATTS is deep in negotiations to make a film in Sydney early next year, a co-production between Australian and Hollywood interests.

''I try to get back to Sydney at least once a year. With two kids and Liev's [partner American actor Liev Schreiber] career, we try to juggle what is going to work best for everyone and hopefully I can do this film in Sydney. That would be great,'' Watts told PS last weekend on Hamilton Island, declining to divulge any more details on the project.

''It's been a tough time for making films, not just in Australia but everywhere. This project would be a great thing if it happens, and hopefully it will.''

Juggling two boys - Alexander, 4, and Samuel, 2 - along with a partner with his own demanding acting career, poses serious challenges.

''We tend to take it in turns. When one of us has a film to do, the other tends to stay with the kids and keep the family running. It's important to have that level of continuity.

''It's nice now that I'm in a part of my career where I can sit back and consider the projects and how they will fit into my broader life. I guess when I was starting out it was more about picking the films and the writers who I wanted to work with. But it's different now; there are more things to consider.''

England-born Watts moved to Sydney with her mother and brother, Ben, aged 14, attending Mosman High School and North Sydney Girls' High School, where she was a classmate of Nicole Kidman.

While not reaching the same heights in Hollywood as Kidman, Watts has built up an impressive portfolio of television and film work stretching from her early years on Hey Dad! and Home and Away to critical acclaim in 21 Grams and the big budget King Kong.


s2 said...

Thank you for Naomi. I do wish this is a movie with Nicole Kidman.

Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear that, let's see....

Anonymous said...

Great smile.