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May 24, 2012

The Official UK Poster and Promo of AstaLift w/Naomi Watts

Here are the official AstaLift's promo literature and poster with Naomi as their Ambassador following the latest launch and promo respectively in UK and Cannes.

Naomi Watts, the internationally renowned actress, Academy Award winner and Oscar nominee is the face of the Astalift premium skincare brand in Europe.

We chose Naomi for her confidence, motivation and the fact she glows with both inner and outer beauty, perfectly embodying the Astalift woman.

“I try to take great care of my skin and am therefore an avid skincare fan. I’m proud to be the ambassador for Astalift as it’s really important to me to look and feel my most radiant self. I love Jelly Aquarysta and I really feel Astalift will become the favourite skincare too of women everywhere.’’ Naomi Watts

Born in England in 1968, Naomi moved to Australia at 14 years old. Since then she’s conducted her career with the utmost determination and drive to succeed, working with some of Hollywood’s most illustrious film directors including David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Clint Eastwood.


Anonymous said...

I really think they should replace the poster photo. It's over-photoshopped.

s2 said...

Yeah, it doesn't look like her at all.