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Jul 2, 2012

[Video] Filming begins: Naomi as Princess Diana in "Caught in Flight"

[video 1]

[video 2 - Splashnews Video]

[video 3]

Naomi Watts Looks Ravishing as Princess Diana

- ABC news

Has Princess Diana risen from the grave?

No, it’s just Naomi Watts looking uncannily similar in these newly released photos in full hair and makeup for her upcoming roll as Princess Diana in the film, “Caught in Flight,” set to premiere next year.

Watts, 43, was photographed in London as she was shooting scenes for the film about the last two years of the Princess of Wales’ life before her death in 1997. Filmmakers plan to include the fatal car crash that killed Princess Diana at age 36.

The film will also focus on Di’s relationships with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, as well as Dodi Fayed, who was with her in the car crash when she died. Khan will be played by “Lost” actor Naveen Andrews.

*More [MQ/HQ photos] without water-marking added.


terra said...

She is really channeling into the character. Look how she walks...., it's awesome!

Emma C said...

Thank u for Naomi.

Anonymous said...

She is so lovely and playful in the last video. Thank for sharing it! Your site is amazing!

popcorn said...

I'm not 100% sure but have a feeling she's going to make this a great masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all these videos.

TomTom said...

Just what I'm looking for. THANKS for such a great site. The best of all! Period.

Anonymous said...

A good looking blonde and so talented!

maryK said...

I think the supporting actor is right saying that only she can play this role. From these first images, there is no dispute.