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Aug 27, 2012

Diana's battle with the paparazzi - Aug 25, 2012

Naomi Watts takes on the princess's foes in new scenes for the royal biopic

26 August 2012

No movie about Princess Diana is complete without capturing her lifelong struggle with the paparazzi.

The late royal was the most photographed woman in the world and was followed by photographers everywhere she went.

Naomi Watts got to experience Diana's battle with the paps first hand today as she shot scenes for the eagerly awaited movie about the tragic Princess of Wales.

Naomi Watts has been transformed into a startling likeness of the princess thanks to movie magic.

And she didn't disappoint on location in London as she embarked on a shopping trip among the city's top boutiques - before running into a media scrum (actors portraying the paparazzi).

*check out full set of photos [here]

Watts, 43, wore a sleeveless cricket jersey under a dark blue blazer and tight white trousers - which she changed into red pair between scenes.

The British-born actress - as Diana - fought through the press pack before leading them on a chase through the city's streets as they snapped away.

Unlike the real Diana, Watts' run-in with the paps ended when director Oliver Hirschbiegel yelled cut.

She was then snapped (by real photographers) relaxing and chatting with crewmembers and recovering from her adrenaline-fuelled scene with a shoulder rub.

The film, called Diana, will revolve around the princess's relationship with Dr Hasnat Khan - the man she dubbed 'Mr Wonderful'.

The film is released next year.


amy said...

This is also her real life nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Crazy people harassing other people's lives, for money.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! I mean she didn't deserve this.