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Sep 26, 2012

Charles Edwards: "Naomi's Diana is going to blow you away!"

Sep 26, 2012

By Emily Fox for

NAOMI Watts is spot on as Princess Diana, her co-star Charles Edwards has gushed.

The 43-year-old actress is set to star as the late Princess in the latest biopic of her life and it seems that that she has already won over one fan.

British actor Charles Edwards, stars alongside Watts as Diana's private secretary Patrick Jephson, he spoke about their scenes together.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: "Naomi Watts is going to be terrific. The scenes I had with her - I was so admiring of her because she not only got the main feel but also had the little details as well.

"The glance that Diana used to do below the eyelashes. She really has got it spot on."

The film, directed by German director, Oliver Hirschbiegel, who directed the 2004 biopic of Hitler's life Downfall, takes a different view of Diana's story, according to Mr Edwards.

He said: "To have a German director direct a quintessentially English story is good too because he has a different view on it. I think it will be very good - the filming is not complete on that but it was a wonderful thing to do."


s2 said...

Good heads-up for the film which I'm highly anticipating.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news.