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Oct 17, 2012

Target's 50th Birthday Oct 16, 2012

Naomi was at the Target's 50th Anniversary Celebration at Center 548 in Chelsea, Tue, Oct 16, 2012.

Retail giant Target celebrated its 50th anniversary Tuesday night with a group of high-profile guests, including beside Naomi Watts, singers Alicia Keys and Tony Bennett, sports star Shaun White and more.

The event had a circus theme, complete with a costumed emcee and a bevvy of performers, culminating with a special a capella performance by Keys.

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Are there any fashion trends you like this fall?

I'm really loving my leather pants...these aren't them actually, these are waxy jeans...a close second. I'm just excited it's fall because I'm a fan of boots and jackets, and jumpers and sweaters.

I'm so glad New York has proper seasons for that reason.

So about the Target-Neiman Marcus collaborations, is there anything you're particularly excited for?

Sure, I don't know all of them on the top of my head but certainly I've indulged in Target for years on and off, and in the home brands for sure like John Derrian, Calypso, Liberty and stuff like that...but yea I'm excited for fashion as well, I mean they have everything. It's a one stop shop.

What are your go-to spots in New York for the fall?

Umm... I don't get out much. Every night is an early night during the week, and then we tend to go out of town for the weekends. So I don't really have a special night spot.

What about Halloween? Any plans?

Yeah, super excited. We're getting ready, already carved the pumpkins and choosing the costumes. The kids still haven't decided at this point.


johnQ said...

I think she is really sexy with red lipstick.

Anonymous said...

She is getting more beautiful day by day.

Anonymous said...

A down-to-earth talent.