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Jan 10, 2013

[NW2005 1stLOOK] Naomi Watts - the 39th People's Choice Awards, LA 010913

Naomi Watts leads the glamour at the People's Choice Awards in a stunning gold and black backless gown (9 Jan 2013)

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Naomi Watts made a stunning transformation.

The Australian actress stopped the press at the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night with her glamorous turn on the red carpet.

Naomi was a breathtaking blend of sexiness and elegance in her Alexander McQueen ensemble which featured a backless gold top with gem encrusted collar and her floor-length trailing black skirt.

Naomi, who stars in the film The Impossible about a family torn apart in the aftermath of a devastating tsunami, wore a light dusting of make-up to accentuate her delicate features.

Her jewelry by Jennifer Meyer was minimal as well, with fragile gold earrings dangling from her ears and slim bracelets gracing both of her wrists.

She carried with her a Jimmy Choo bag that matched her Jimmy Choo heels.

Being an A-lister, Naomi probably had a little help from a professional stylist, but she was the one who wore it all so well.

Meanwhile, it was all about embellishment; and whether or not it was sequins, beads or delicate lace... nothing was flat or minimalist at the Nokia theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.


*video credit: popsugar

*video credit: maximoTV

*[Robert Downey Jr. joins peer support for Naomi Watts' best performance in "The Impossible"]


s2 said...


TommyG said...

It's a stunning look. You're a Goddess.

Susan Kay said...

She is natural, and conquers the red carpet.

tom said...

I love you Naomi. I love you Robert Downey Jr.

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johnQ said...

Beautiful woman in a beautiful dress. Naomi rules!