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Jan 18, 2013

W Magazine Feb 2013's 33 Best Performances of the Year

Best Performances

This year’s 33 brightest stars, up close and unscripted.

By Lynn Hirschberg, for W magazine Feb 2013

Naomi Watts in The Impossible

“I never get recognized on the street. I’m lucky that way. People see me as the dolled-up movie-star type on the red carpet, but in real life, I don’t look anything like that. I blend easily into a crowd. My husband, Liev Schreiber, is really distinct, and quite often people push me aside to get to him. They’ll say, ‘Isn’t that the guy…?’ and list off all his credits. They will then ask, ‘Can you take a photo of us?’ They have no idea who I am.”

Who is your cinematic crush?

[Video: Naomi's personal favorite]
she has mentioned him several times before so it's no surprise


Anonymous said...

Wow, looking forward to more.

Emma C said...

Thank you for Naomi.