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Feb 18, 2013

Nicole Kidman Backs Naomi Watts And Emmanuelle Riva As Joint Winners

No Oscar For Jennifer Lawrence! Nicole Kidman Backs Naomi Watts And Emmanuelle Riva As Joint Winners

Star reveals her tips for Sunday's ceremony

Nicole Kidman, the best actress Oscar winner in 2002 has said that she doesn't want Oscar favourite Jennifer Lawrence to win the award, instead plumping for pal Naomi Watts and Emmanuelle Riva as joint winners come the awards on Saturday.

Speaking at the gala screening of her new movie the actress revealed that she wants to see the pair grab the joint honours, despite most Oscar watchers thinking that the battle will be between Silver Linings Playbook star Jen and Zero Dark Thirty's Jessica Chastain.

“Oh Naomi, I'd like it to be a double winner because I'd love to see Emmanuelle Riva [win] because I think it's her 86th birthday but I'd like to see Nay win as well, but I'd like it to be the first time in history that it's a complete tie,” Nicole said. (...more after the cut)

Emmanuelle has had her odds slashed for a win after emerging victorious for her role as an elderly music teacher in her autumn years, while Naomi is regarded as an outsider for her role in tsunami based drama The Impossible.

Nicole Kidman at the premiere of Stoker in London where she backed Naomi Watts and Emmanuelle Riva for an Oscar.

Ever a student of film history though, the glamorous Nicole realised that she'd made an error in her Oscar predictions, and that if Emmanuelle and Naomi wouldn't be the first to have to share their statuette.

The actress quickly rushed back before entering the screening of the movie, in which she stars with Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode to correct herself, telling us that in 1968 Barbara Streisand and Katherine Hepburn were tied for the top female gong, for Funny Girl and The Lion In Winter respectively.

Laughing about her brief mistake, the star carried on to enjoy her evening just as no doubt all those competing for that Academy Award will on Sunday.


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