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Feb 23, 2013

[The Impossible] Oscar nominations celebration with Moet & Chandon

Naomi Watts and J.A. Bayona, accomplices hours before the Oscars

Naomi Watts, nominated for best actress, and J.A. Bayona, director of 'Lo Imposible', share laughs and complicities in the Spanish media press conference hours before the Oscar gala. Bayonne explains how he injured at the gala of the Goya Awards, after receiving the award for Best Director for the film, produced by Telecinco, 'Lo Imposible'. He is not nominated Oscar Best Director, unfairly, believes the protagonist of this story based on real events and Yes chooses the prize for best actress.

Below are snapshots and video of the event for the exclusive viewing of our fans.


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[Feature Article]
*translated from Spanish

Los Angeles 22 feb - Britain's Naomi Watts, candidate to the Oscar as best actress for "The Impossible", said today that Latino directors "tear it down", in allusion to the Mexican Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and to the Spanish Juan Antonio Bayona, the filmmakers who have taken her to aspire to the figurine.

"Alejandro makes little wine to a pass of the film and told me that he thought that he had been who most had made me suffer on screen ("21 Grams", which was nominated in 2003), but that it had proven that another person had shattered me even more," said the interpreter in a speech to the Spanish press, held at a hotel in Hollywood today.

Bayonne, director of "The Impossible", went to the appointment to accompany the actress, who warmly took the label of "representative" Spain at the Oscars ceremony. (....more after the cut.)

"You could say with greater sincerity how proud I am of this film. It is an important story, told from the truth, and we honor the story of Maia Belon,"he said in reference to the tragedy experienced by the Spanish woman and her family, survivors of the devastating tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia in 2004.

"Juan Antonio has an enormous passion, as he had never before seen it on someone. So much so that their determination convinced me to roll the tape. I didn't know if it was right to do it because it's the biggest natural disaster of history. But as soon as I met him, I knew that I wanted to do it,"said.

"All the awards and recognitions that have brought us aren't just for us. They are dedicated to something much larger,"he stressed.

The catalan filmmaker explained that the producer Belen Atienza and he met Watts for coffee in New York and suggest their participation.

"We started telling the story and two minutes started to cry inconsolably. You must have probably thought that we were crazy. But we convinced her and the truth is that there were many tears during filming. The staff loved Naomi. It was one more. Not behaved like the star that is. We are all very proud of his candidacy,"said from Barcelona.

Watts is the only presence of "The Impossible" at the Oscars. Do not understand that fellow cast like Ewan McGregor or Tom Holland not have seen recognized their jobs, as well as the of the own Bayonne, out of the race for the award for best director.

In that it has had to do the little that we have seen the film in the United States. The film has raised more than 160 million dollars worldwide, but only 18 of them come from North American plants.

"It was strange that they were not nominated. It is a pity that the film not many people in the United States, saw it but I loved part of Spanish production reminded me in some ways to an Australian shooting. "That effort from below, that work ethic, that brilliance... all mixed with a great joy of living and enjoy", said.

Asked by Efe if Studio Summit Entertainment believed in the possibilities of the film so much as the artistic team, replied laughingly: "Next question". Bayona added: "I better answer Monday".

Watts is aware that no part as a favorite to win the award and said that his personal stake is Emmanuelle Riva, nominated for "Amour", the Austrian Michael Haneke, director, for which he worked in "Funny Games" (2007).

"Riva is the performance that I most liked. All candidates offer great performances, but I was impressed by Riva and 'Amour' is great. I did with Haneke 'Funny Games' because I wanted to know how a God of cinema as it works. "I hope he also wins because it is bright", said.

The actress admitted that the filming of "The Impossible" earned him "every effort" of his life, especially during the scenes in the water that led her to be on the verge of throwing in the towel, but took heart of especially to make sure that the small Holland "I enjoyed jumping and asking for repeat shots".

"Frightened me and was exhausted. But at the end I could get even Juan Antonio and threw him to the mud in front of the entire team,"said.

Response already from all the suffering, the interpreter ensures living the hours before the Oscars among "75,000 beauty treatments". "Unfortunately, none works," said Joker Watts, who still has not chosen the dress that will look on the red carpet.

Bayonne, practically recovered from an injury suffered in the Goya, it highlighted that the best reward was to check that there were moments where not could "discern between performance and reality, something that doesn't happen very often" during the filming.


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