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Mar 19, 2013

[Article] Naomi Watts’s take on blondes in red....

Naomi Watts: Blondes Look a ‘Little Bit Porno’ When They Wear Red

 We didn’t think there was a single thing Naomi Watts couldn’t wear, but the Academy Award-nominated actress, 44, informs us that there’s just one shade she won’t sport.

“I won’t wear red on the red carpet … I just never think blondes look good in red.” Watts told PEOPLE Wednesday at The Hollywood Reporter and Jimmy Choo’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists luncheon in West Hollywood. “I think it’s good for dark haired girls and dark skinned girls. But for some reason, I always feel like I look trashy in it.”

So trashy, in fact, that she believes “blondes plus red, to me, looks a little bit porno, and I’ve never felt quite right.”

How to explain that “near red moment” in Zac Posen, then?

“Because it had a busy print, it had different colors,” she says. “It wasn’t fire engine red. At the [Golden] Globes I wore burgundy or plum. That wasn’t red. If you put blue in it, I can wear it, but orange does not look good with my skin.”


Anonymous said...

I think she looked great in this crimson red dress.

Green said...

Beautiful woman can wear any color and still looks good.

crystal said...

Any color would do great on her. Such a beauty.