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Apr 22, 2013

[Article] Naomi Watts: My character is so real (in Sunlight Jr.)

22 April 2013

Naomi Watts thinks her character in Sunlight Jr. is a "survivor".

Naomi Watts feels her latest character is "very real".

The actress stars in Sunlight Jr. playing Melissa, a pregnant woman who struggles through life along with her partner on a minimum-wage job.

The star feels the movie will speak to a lot of people dealing with the tough economic climate.

"You can see that there are some very happy people, particularly outside the western world, that can maintain a sense of happiness without money, so hopefully they're not to be confused. But what I like in this character is that - yes, times were tough, but she still manages to have a sense of sweetness to her and they're both survivors," she explained.

"It just felt very real to me, particularly in current times. It's not the American dream that they're living, but it's one that is very well known to a lot of people in this country."

The drama also stars Matt Dillon, who is known for roles in City of Ghosts and classic comedy There's Something About Mary.

Naomi has nothing but praise for her acting colleague.

"He's great - he's a terrific actor, someone I grew up watching, so I was very familiar with his work," she smiled.

"He's a very disciplined professional, very committed yet able to have fun as well, making a lot of jokes..."

The pretty blonde has been in the business for a long time, having starred in hits such as King Kong and Mulholland Drive.

However, she still struggles with one particular aspect of filmmaking.

"The ending. Endings are always hard," she admitted.

Sunlight Jr. premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last week.


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