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Apr 6, 2013

[Article] Naomi Watts take in cougar In "Perfect Mother

Naomi Watts comes out with her best friend's son.

by Alain Grasset

In his suite a Parisian palace, the blondissime and thin Naomi Watts does not hide his joy to find French Director Anne Fontaine. Indeed, it is the latter that allowed the Australian actress to replay in his country for "Perfect Mothers", produced by Dominique Besnehard, showing since Wednesday. The story unfolds in a clueless Bay in the land of kangaroos where two moms quadras, very friendly, live each a passionate love with the son of the other... Mothers in question are embodied by Naomi Watts and Robin Wright.

The film created a scandal in the United States early, this winter, at the premiere. "Many people were shocked by the story of these mothers, especially the sexual side, explains Naomi Watts. But I've always liked making films with stories complicated, sometimes twisted, and out of the ordinary. I like to go as far as possible with fictional characters.....

Naomi Watts, age 44, was seduced by the scenario: he was brilliant and exciting. Two strong female roles, it is so rare. Hollywood almost never offers to the actresses who have surpassed 40 years. "In the film, the cougar Naomi Watts was a true stroke of lightning for the son of his girlfriend, played by Robin Wright. One love disturbing story? "Of course, this is not a conventional love story, she said. It is real and passionate. When this happens to older men for 40 years with young women, it was offended much less. Today, most women who have this kind of story assume it. But the company is still struggling to accept it.

Naomi Watts knows what she's talking about. "I lived an affair with Heath Ledger (Editor's Note: actor disappeared) who was ten years younger than me. '' Naomi Watts, now married and the mother of two children, comes to play Princess Diana in the film by German director Oliver Hirschbiegel. "It is the last two years of the life of Diana and her love affair with Dodi al-Fayed." Yet a love out of the ordinary.


Anonymous said...

Cougar is an interesting word.

johnQ said...

Obviously the French like her and this movie.

ysl said...

She is unconventional.

Akkarin said...

I just watched "Perfect Mother" in theater, and I would say "Perfect Movie".

(for once we have an advantage of being French !)

Richard said...

Wow, awesome! Thank you for the report Akkarin. I certainly hope the movie will be liked too in this part of the world.