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Apr 11, 2013

[Naomi Watts Daily] To the salon in LA Apr 10, 2013

Out and about on a sunny day, Naomi stopped at a hair salon and a furniture store in Los Angeles on Wed, Apr 10.

She showed off her new 'do in a pink paisley top, pink pants, and brown shoes as she headed to her vehicle.

Later, she followed her day out from home by coffee with a girlfriend at Caffe Luxxe in Brentwood, California.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The second pic could have been taken years ago.

Richard said...

Oh yea she looked extra cute and youthful, but it was on the same day from her outfit. Guess it was before while the other photos are after the visit.

Amy said...

She looked awesome in this outfit.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful woman.

Anonymous said...

Those new pics you added on the bottom are awesome. I tell ya, short hair suits her like no other. She always looks younger and sexier with that cut.

The only short hairdo I don't like on her is the helmet hair she sports for the Diana movie.

Richard said...

Thank you Anonymous. Of course the helmet hairstyle belonged to the Late Princess Diana.

I've added 2 more photos, the bottom left one is my personal favorite of all times. I think her face is so angelic in that picture that I can only described it as a 100% perfect pretty face so uniquely divine that could only be created and sent by God for this world.