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Jul 24, 2013

[Article] Naomi Watts interviewed by & featured on Elle France 2013

[Original in French, this is a translation]

Naomi Watts Up!

By Florence Ben Sadoun

What a perfect mother? Naomi Watts plays a, gorgeous, in "Perfect Mothers" by Anne Fontaine, but she did not answer. Everything is complicated in this film where the director dares to love and detours round the body adapting to the new sulfur Doris Lessing "The Grandmothers". The vast there embodies Lil Naomi Watts, the inseparable friend of Roz (Robin Wright) since childhood. Together they raise their son, but their symbiotic friendship will be overturned by the forbidden love of a young mother to the other. This sinful desire is transgressive, often disturbing and always disturbing. A dizzying quartet is taking place before our very eyes by the sensuality that emanates from the film.

Interview with Naomi Watts, who said happily: "Beware, this is not a film politically correct! "

"Perfect Mothers" also with Xavier Samuel, James Frecheville.

"I look at women more than men '

IT. It's rare to see two actresses like you and Robin Wright fill the screen. It realizes to "Perfect Mothers", a story of women filmed by a woman ...

NAOMI WATTS. This is the first time this has happened, play equally face another actress and we are in the heart of the scenario. Yet, I think, like many women, I look at women more than men, in life as in the movies. Moreover, on the set one day, I forgot to tell my text because I watched Robin play!

IT. Do not you think that if Roz and Lil violate a taboo, it is a way to love through their son?

NAOMI WATTS. Course. Liaison with the son of the other is a physical extension of their love. They love it so much they even end up looking the same. It's an incestuous history but it is not incest. This is where things get complicated. But it is also a film about the passing of time on the body of women. How to face the next chapter of his life: "What will become of me without my husband? When my son is leaving home, that will I serve? What? "At one point, Lil peers into a mirror traces the years have left on his face. For this scene, I asked Anne Fontaine to be filmed naked skin in a harsh light, to better feel the anxiety of the age and also that of the film programmed his love. Lil knows she will lose.

"I have a" best friend "for a long time"

IT. Do you know this feeling of friendship stronger than anything?

NAOMI WATTS. Absolutely, I have a "best friend" for a long time. I grew up in different countries and I still travel a lot, so our friendship is not comparable to Lil and Roz who have never left and have all found together, the first cigarette in the first mourning, but us it's still very strong. When you're in the same room both, we listen, we do not stop to talk and laugh at jokes that make us laugh only ... I know what it means to love a friend but not point that Lil Roz and live in the film, of course.

IT. How do you think the public will react to this love quartet sulfur?

NAOMI WATTS. You, the audience does not react as the American public. I also asked Anne why she had not shot this film in France, with French actresses. But for her it was an Anglo-Saxon history and dream decor Australian beaches was part of the plot. I'm not trying to offend, but I knew that I was going to turn this film explore a side of the human race not easy to play and especially full of contradictions d'endre.

IT. "The Grandmothers" is the title of the original story by Doris Lessing. It made you afraid to play one?

NAOMI WATTS. Not at all, you know, my son has 4 and 5 years. I'm 44. If I had done as my mother had us at 18 and 20 years, my brother and I could totally be a grandmother today.


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