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Jul 9, 2013

[NW2005 1stLOOK] "Preggo" Naomi Watts on the set of St. Vincent De Van Nuys - Jul 8, 2013

Watts going on here? Naomi reveals her baby bump on the set of her new movie... but it's only a prosthetic

9 July 2013

Having already given birth to two boys, actress Naomi Watts knows what it’s like to be pregnant.

The Impossible star looked remarkably like an expectant mother Monday on the New York set of her film, St. Vincent De Van Nuys.

With her stomach protruding as if she were about six months gone, the 44-year-old Oscar nominated actress was dressed in a pink low cut shirt over a leopard-print bra and cut-off shorts.

Watts, the partner of Ray Donovan star Lieb Schrieber, plays a Russian prostitute in St. Vincent De Van Nuys.

The movie is a comedy that follows a single mother, played by Melissa McCarthy, who leaves her 12-year-old son in the hands of her bad-tempered neighbour, played by the hilarious Bill Murray.

Watts’ scenes are mainly with the Ghostbusters star, which whom she develops a relationship in the film.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics.

TommyG said...

So what she plays is a pregnant Russian prostitute. That's even more exciting! wow!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful legs. Very sexy.

teddy said...

Thank you for the pics.