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Aug 25, 2013

[Article] Do or Di - Naomi Watts on playing Diana

With her film Diana soon to be released, Naomi Watts talks about playing the most famous woman in the world

Let’s be blunt: Naomi Watts looks nothing like the late Diana, Princess of Wales. We all know it. And it’s especially clear when the petite actress walks through the door of our meeting place, a small cafe opposite her New York home, dressed in the official uniform of the determinedly low-key A-lister: baggy jeans, striped T-shirt, panama hat and Louis Vuitton bag. She knows it, too, and is refreshingly frank about it: “No, nothing like — eyes, nose, hair, nothing resembling. I mean, I’ve got blue eyes, but they’re not the same shape.”

Roles that she shouldn’t play, or that at least court a little controversy, are not a new thing for Watts: the tsunami survivor in The Impossible and her part in the upcoming Adore, in which she plays a woman who sleeps with her best friend’s son, are just two instances. This latest turn, playing one of the most famous woman in the world.....

The Sunday Times - Aug 25, 2013

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bernie said...

Very serious in this look, but what a beauty in style.