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Aug 30, 2013

Naomi Watts on The Hamptons Magazine Sep 2013 - SHQ Photos, Video, Interview.......

Naomi Watts is gracing the cover of yet another magazine "The Hamptons Celebrating 35 Years Special Issue Sep 2013" and our fans and friends are once again privileged to be the very first to view the great SHQ scanned photos here on this blog together with a great interview article written by Naomi's long-time good friend and fellow actress co-star of "We Don't Live Here Anymore" Laura Dern.

Unique to our [NW2005] group and unmatched by any other fan-sites of Naomi Watts on the web, our pictures are all in SHQ quality and water-marking-free for your exclusive maximum viewing pleasure while at the same time respecting and reserving the rights of the original sources of these images.

On the right is a snapshot of the relative post on the forum accessible via the link at the bottom of the snapshot and following below, an exclusive video of the photo-shooting session, all the good stuff, all here, every day.


*video credit: AP

[Bonus video 2]


s2 said...

Wonderful coverage, thanks.

Amy said...

The first, as always, now I can see they are copied and shared all over the web.

kateB said...

She is gorgeous, also the Instyle's portraits. She must be the most beautiful woman on this planet.

rita said...

Wow, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

A beauty woman.