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Aug 29, 2013

Naomi Watts Magazines Coverage in 2013

There have been a lot of magazines coverage on Naomi Watts in line with the promotion of her upcoming film "Diana" which is going to premiere in the UK on Sept 5, and have a limited U.S. release on Nov 1, 2013. We have on our [NW2005] Forum a full coverage on all these publicity including a great article with gorgeous photos respectively on the Empire UK and the UK Instyle, all water-marking free and in full sizes, for our fans exclusive viewing and reading. Please follow the link belowto access the contents.


ricky said...

Thanks for this good stuff Richard.

Mr Fox said...

The Paris premiere will be held on Sep 6. She will be there... ans so I am!!! I'm freaking out of excitement! :)

Richard said...

So Diana's UK premiere will be on Sep 5, just one day ahead of the Adore's Paris premiere across the channel. This would be 2 premieres 2 days in a row a hectic schedule for the busy actress.