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Jan 8, 2015

"Krone"-Interview of Naomi Watts as L'Oreal Ambassador

(Translation - original in French)

"Diana," "King Kong" or "Mulholland Drive": The "Krone" hit Hollywood star Naomi Watts (46) for an interview in Paris.

 "Krone": Naomi Watts, you have just become brand ambassador of a major cosmetics company: How important is beauty?

Naomi Watts: beauty derives from self-confidence and is independent of age and nationality. That is why I am very proud to be a L'Oreal Paris-brand ambassador. In fact, I'm very much for my appearance and care for me very much - unfortunately we'll all get older.

"Krone": Are you afraid of it?
Watts: No, not again. I have always taken my role selection that they are not built to be beautiful. So in many roles I'm also not nice at all!

"Krone": You are 46 years old and wear size 34 - as Hollywood star is yet more pressure on you, you can feel the very.
Watts: Yes, I must remain absolutely fit to meet my quota can?. I work a lot and have a family, two small children, I exercise regularly and eat very healthy.

"Krone": The aging seems to you to get comfortable, you are better in business than ever.
Watts: Actually, I have just turned the Bill Murray comedy "St. Vincent". It was a real challenge, because I'm not so uuual in the comic genre. I was a bit afraid of me, the great comedian Murray plays against the wall. I imagine now a further challenge: I've never even played the theater, and I'll catch up soon! I get thank God many offers until now was not the right thing here.

"Krone": With her husband Liev Schreiber and her two sons you live a fairytale family. If you could turn back the clock, what would you do differently?
Watts: I regret having not previously get my children, I would like to change, because I would have liked to have had so many children.

"Krone": engage as UN ambassador much against AIDS and breast cancer, why?
Watts: I think it's very important that one is committed as a person who is in the public interest for a better world. I had in my life very lucky and I'm blessed with success - I want to give something back.

(Anna Richter-Trummer, Kronen Zeitung, 2015)


Terry said...

Interesting, but she is always beautiful.

Tess said...

Wonder when was this?