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Mar 12, 2015

Naomi Watts on the set of "Shut In" in Sutton on March 11, 2015

Naomi Watts: Hollywood in Sutton

The presence of Naomi Watts in Sutton does not go unnoticed.

Accustomed to the Hollywood film sets, actress Naomi Watts discovers these days the joys of winter in Quebec by turning a movie in Sutton in the Eastern Townships.

The shooting of the film in question, entitled Shut In, started there a few days in Montreal and was transported to Sutton earlier this week. The brief portion of the Montreal shooting took place on the Bonaventure, as was revealed in the Journal director of the film shooting locations, Benoit Mathieu.

Based in Sutton for about two weeks, the film's production team will move later in Vancouver for the filming of some scenes in the studio.

Naomi Watts has not gone unnoticed in his first days in Sutton. After shooting his first scenes, a bouquet of flowers waiting for the actress at the entrance to his trailer. Reportedly, the Australian 46-year star has traveled to Quebec with her entourage, including his trained makeup artist and his personal hairdresser......

Directed by British filmmaker Farren Blackburn (Luther, Doctor Who) and produced by EuropaCorp (company French filmmaker Luc Besson) Shut In, a psychological thriller tells the story of a woman (Watts) who discovers a terrible secret about his son catatonic.

"It's a closed session whose history is mostly taking place in an isolated house in the woods, said Benoit Mathieu.

"We have long sought this famous house because the director had very specific criteria. We looked in the Eastern Townships, but also in the Laurentians. We finally found what we were looking in Sutton. "

The place where the story takes place, however, will not be identified in the film.

The municipality of Sutton is not used to host this scale film sets, but Mr. Mathieu ensures that "the city is working with a large opening."

Naomi Watts is the only feature announced for the moment in the distribution Shut In. Very busy, she played recently in the comedy drama St. Vincent (Bill Murray) and the film Birdman, winner the last Oscars .

Last fall, the actress has worked under the direction of Quebec filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée (Dallas Buyers Club) during the shooting of the film Demolition, which also stars Jake Gyllenhaal.

Shut In is scheduled for release in February 2016.


Ricky said...

This pic looks very much like her on the set of "Dream House" a couple of years ago.

Jackie said...

Is this her first time making a movie in Canada?

EYRO said...

Sorry but it wasn't a couple of years ago, but FIVE years ago. HALF A DECADE

Ricky said...

Oh thanks for the update, time really flies.