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Mar 8, 2015

What Insurgent's star Theo James had to say about Naomi Watts?

Theo James Talks 'Insurgent' Mom Naomi Watts: "She's a Babe"

What is it like to have Naomi Watts play your mom? Kind of awkward, according to Theo James.

"It was interesting for her to play my mom because she's a bit of a babe," he said to reporters with a laugh at the Insurgent junket in Beverly Hills, Calif. Friday. That aside, he added, "I was really excited to work with her because she's a great actress and has done some phenomenal work."

"[Naomi] is interesting in this film because she has a different energy," Theo continued. "She's very calculating but at the same time she has a warmth and gentleness that almost juxtaposes what her real ambition is. So, when I was doing scenes with her, she's not like just staring you down in an abrasive's also loving and sweet."

While Naomi didn't comment on how hot Theo is, the actress did dish on why she decided to play a role in a film that is very different for her. "It's something that I haven't really done that much of," she said at the junket. "I remember back at the end of my ingénue days being in [King Kong] and having to do a lot of physical stuff, making the promise to myself I would never do that again."

"But, now I'm an older woman, a more mature woman, so I don't have to do quite like what Shailene has to go through," she continued with a laugh. "Well, we'll see what happens for the next [film]."

Insurgent hits theaters March 20.


Layton said...

She doesn't look like a mum at all. And she wants more character development too for her character in the coming new episodes.

Dorrine said...

Now she is a true versatile actress.