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Jun 2, 2015

Naomi Watts enjoys a basketball match with sons on Jun 1, 2015

Move over Michael Jordan! Naomi Watts shows the kids who's boss as she takes on miniature opponents before a slam dunk during basketball match

She's at the top of her game- combining fashionista cred with Oscar-worthy acting skills.

But on Sunday in Los Angeles, Naomi Watts proved she's also lethal on the basketball court.

The intense display of athleticism unfolded when the Australian actress and her sons, Sasha and Samuel, stopped by a court following a trip to the Brentwood Farmers Market.


Gordan said...

She should have taken her hat off.

s2 said...

Sexy belly button, wow!

kidwatt said...

She wears this shirt a lot. In fact, she has it on in that 2012 pic you posted with baby Sam! I love that about her; it looks like a cool, nice shirt, and I hang on to my favorite clothes for years, too! Just more proof she's a level-headed celebrity not afraid to be human and live her life! More power to her!

Richard said...

Hey, you have very good eyes. I didn't even realize that.

Anonymous said...

Wish she could play basketball with me some days.