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Sep 10, 2011

Naomi, the ultimate star @ 37th Deauville FF Photocall (video)

Sep 10, 2011

*exclusive to [nw2005]

[Babelfish translated version] 
Naomi, what else?

Its partner in the King Kong of Peter Jackson in 2005, it, n' did not make false-jump. Naomi Watts was “beautiful” and of course the red carpet, with l' occasion of its homage as well as the realizer Abel Ferrara who gave the trophy to her. Many people awaited the actress revealed by David Linch in Mulholland Drive in 2001, “a film which is expensive in my heart recalls, the young woman. Not only parce qu' it m' launched, but also parce qu' it is rare d' to have a great role in a whole career. This one m' in proposed two. ” The general public will find the actress voted by plebiscite by the festival ones in next film of Clint Easwood, J. Edgar. “C' is a small role in a great history, entrusts it. And then to turn with such a realizer remains a memorable memory”. For much, the arrival of Naomi Watts to Deauville will remain one memorable moment.

Genevieve Cheval


Anonymous said...

Love. That's all.

paddy said...

Congratulation, Naomi! I love you.

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She looks great in this dress, very nice legs. Love them.