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May 22, 2012

[Article/Interview] Naomi talks to ABC in Cannes on her new roles

 It has been twelve years since Naomi Watts (England, 1968) dazzled the world with its critical role in “Mulholland Drive”, this “thriller” psychological resurrected the career of David Lynch at the Cannes Film Festival 2001. A decade after that brilliant debut, the British actress continues to illuminate the Croisette with their talent. “I started my career in Hollywood relatively late, with 31 years … and the good thing about this was that I knew what I wanted, I knew what I wanted to play roles, “Watts said in a meeting with ABC and a few other media on the terrace of the Hotel Martinez in Cannes.

Following the success of “Mulholland Dr.” came “The Ring” (2002), “21 Grams” (2003), “King Kong” (2005) and “J. Edgar “(2011), Watts believes that although we have not seen his best roles. “I’m not the girlfriend of the protagonist, now finally I can play complicated women, women who have accomplished things in life,” she says in reference to the role it has played in “The Grandmothers”, an adaptation of the controversial story of Doris Lessing tells how two lonely mature mothers fall in love every child of the other. “I definitely never love anything as crazy as what my character. Not a chance, “says Watts on this film directed by Anne Fontaine (” Coco rebellion to the legend of Chanel “) and to be released in 2013. “It’s a complicated piece about two women who feel lonely, they make big mistakes, but who can forgive,” she adds.

In the skin of Lady Di

The other major role that awaits Watts is the Diana of Wales herself. Soon begin filming under the direction of German Oliver Hirschbiegel, who in 2004 surprised everyone with “The Downfall”, the quasi-documentary film about the last days of Hitler Afolf. “Diana was the most famous woman of our time, so we’ll see where it takes me that role”, says the actress who, despite growing up in Australia, says he feels “very British”.

Just weeks ago, Watts admitted to British journalists that the role of Lady Di would “absolutely terrified”. “There are many people who have met Diana and there are many books to read and so much information … and each version is different from the other, so it’s hard to know the truth, “admitted the actress on this project which focuses on the” affair “of the Princess and the Pakistani surgeon Hasnat Khan. “It will be a tough role, a Chinese work. I just hope to do better. “


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