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May 19, 2012

"Queen Of The Desert" update - news coming out from Cannes

Cassian Elwes Preps Herzog’s ‘Queen Of The Desert’

19 May 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Working with Werner Herzog for the first time, Cassian Elwes, former WMA head of independent film, says in Cannes that he is prepping Queen Of The Desert. The picture, he says, is like Lawrence Of Arabia but with a woman. It’s based on Gertrude Bell, the English writer, archaeologist and cartographer who mapped Iraq and Jordan in the early 1900s. Naomi Watts is attached. Shooting on Queen Of The Desert is expected to begin in the fall. Elwes is producing with Nick Raslan. Elwes, who recently teamed with Evolution Entertainment principal Mark Burg to launch Evolution Independent, made 7 movies last year. He expects to do 8 this year. “I’m totally driven,” he says, “I’m moving as fast as I can.”


Ivan said...

I'm glad to hear this. One of my most anticipated project.

Emma C said...

Thank you of Naomi.

s2 said...

Very excited about this project. Herzog +Naomi for a "Lawrence of Arabia", what's more can we ask for?