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Jul 13, 2012

An interview with Italian Magazine (translated version)


"I thought about leaving it a bunch of times"

- by Sylvia Martí, Magazine (Italy)

The actress shuns the glow of the divas of Hollywood and shows a very human profile; It declares even shy and says that she does not like being under the spotlight. Even so, you have chosen a profession in which highlighted by the character and credibility that prints characters. She has shot with the Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona and soon Jezebel to lady Di.

It is more fine than it looks on screen. Human and fragile, like many of the characters she plays before revealing an amazing inner strength. Naomi Watts is, according to its own, very shy confession and is more accustomed to observe that to be observed. It is that takes a step back to admire and give way to other more effervescent and charismatic personalities. A woman who feels comfortable in a second plane off the screen, and that when the conversation flows, is reducing space and opening up feelings.

It is an actress who is thrilled almost to tears when talking about their innermost fears and remember the absence of her father, technical sound of Pink Floyd, who died when she was a child. A veteran of many castings that know how hard that is to reach and difficult which is kept, but that lucky - or the success - of finding good roles.

43-Year-old Naomi Watts exudes what is gold for your Office: credibility. It is comfortable with the image of itself without retouching that it returns the mirror. "When life is longer, it is more interesting, rich and complex." "I'm not the girlfriend of the protagonist, now I interpret more complicated women who have achieved things in life," she says.

Mulholland Drive (2001); The Ring (2002), 21 grams (2003), King Kong (2005), Eastern promises and Funny Games (2007) or find the man of your dreams (2010) are some of the most outstanding titles in her filmography. This fall will premiere at the festival of San Sebastian the impossible, Juan Antonio Bayona, one of the most anticipated films of the year. Filmed partly in Alicante, it takes to the screen the tsunami that ravaged the coasts of South-East Asia in 2004. Watts, which she shares cartel with Ewan MacGregor, melts in praise towards the director and "the positive energy of the Spaniards" in a film that was pleasant and very hard, she says. "We passed long time rolling in the water - recalls the actress - and that quite complicated things." The sequences of the tsunami moved 13 million litres of water, a fact that seems to predict effects of first division.

You are now into something else. Settling in the vicinity of Kensington, in London, parked the traces of the mild Australian leave that may be you since she emigrated to Australia at the age of 14 and refreshing its more aristocratic English accent to become an icon of the 20th century: lady Di. The biopics seem to be turning into an irresistible attraction for actresses with talent, trying to follow the trail of the great Meryl Streep. Caught in Flight will focus on the last two years of the Princess of Wales. The memory of lady Diana Spencer is still relatively fresh, but Watts is able to disappear into a character to not make shade, capturing her from inside, keeping the ego crouched so that you do not see the star and is created for the actress.

In an interview with the Magazine, Naomi Watts is on the terrace of the hotel Martinez in Cannes, wearing sandals and a beautiful dress by Roland Mourat straps. Premiered as the new image signature cosmetic Astalif of Fujifilm. Talk with sincerity, feeling and reflection.

Do does it become lady Di?
I'm a little terrified... She was a myth, the most famous women of her time. I'm starting to work the character but it is difficult, there are many people who remember, many books on it, lots of information and different versions of the same facts. I just hope to do as well as possible.

He has spoken wonders of director Juan Antonio Bayona.
It is certainly high on the list of my favorite directors. Before impossible, she did not know him personally, but I had seen the orphanage and I was impressed by its staging and their mastery of the camera.

The impossible reflects the sometimes terrible force of nature. You concerned about the impact of human beings on the planet? Considered an activist in defence of the environment?
Me deeply concerned about all these issues, of course, but I don't think that you can be considered me an activist because I am not there, fighting side by side with them. Yes I try to contribute to the respect for the environment as best I can and to the extent of my ability.

Beyond the promotion of their films, it is difficult to know something personal from you...
Yes, I guess so. I grew up in the shadow of my mother, a woman with an overwhelming and very extroverted personality, and I suppose that, early on, I got used to be the observer and not observed. And I think that even I feel more comfortable as well. I am not of those who are immediately noted, I am rather what gives step back to stay out of the spotlight. I love the fun, powerful, people with charisma, but I'm not so. I would say that I am a shy, although when I feel safe, I can open myself more. But with passes people with the movies, you don't want it uncovers the mystery.

You had a late success and knows what is to be rejected many castings. Do you never thought to leave everything?
All the time. I thought I would leave it a bunch of times. I felt rejected many times, I thought that you deserved me something better, but she was not leaving anything. I heard everything: that was not enough sexy, that was too intense, or I needed force, which was too low, or maybe a little high... It was all too painful, many expect, didn't have too much money and life was not exactly easy. But I called for small things, not very well paid, and at the end I said: "Ok, let's try once more...". I followed for years and David Lynch with Mulholland Drive one of those times came and changed everything.

What advantages does begin to succeed in her early thirties?
You know more and know better choose. You're already capable of expressing your opinions out loud and say what you think, you acknowledge the roles that are going and those who are simply not for you.

Do advice would an actress to attend your first test?
That you resist the temptation of becoming someone else. One of the most common mistakes in casting is to think what you think others want or expect from you and you restructure to adapt to your needs. My advice would be to be who you are actually trying to do things safely and as best as possible. I believe that people, even in the castings, wants to see the truth. At the end it is the only way to get it right, because things vary depending on where you are. In England you are always demanding apologies for being who you are, but United States tend to evaluate you to be positive, energetic and you know sell yourself. It took me awhile to understand it.

She has worked under the orders of Woody Allen, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Michael Haneke... do choose the projects by the director?
It is one of the factors that weigh more. Sometimes, when you get a script to read, you take it calmly, but if say you that it is a script that is going to roll a director such as Bayonne you are willing to read it. Of course, also have read scripts without knowing at all the trajectory of the director, because, despite the fact that the project may be a little more risky, the story and characters I push to say Yes.

Do you like risky projects?
Of course. If something not you it scares a little, if not you you a challenge, what sense does do?

She fears something?
There are many things that give me fear, but I don't think too much in them. I grew up thinking that she would die young, because my father left us too soon (breaks you the voice to remember it). I lived the duel and, now that I have children, I would like that they had to go through the experience of growing up without one of their parents to the side.

She played moving roles. You has been recorded any phrase?
Hummmm. I would say that not. Or, at least, not consciously. Now I am thinking one of King Kong: "had never been on this boat!" (disguising the voice). I know, it is not memorable. Mulholland Drive were deeper. But, joking aside, it is true, on occasions, when wheels a movie, you get to a scene in which you think: "Here summarizes the character". Then I want to be able to achieve that the Viewer may be put goose bumps. I like that my films are shocking.

Has just been released as an image of Astalift (Fujifilm), a new brand cosmetics, we take you care much?
Take care of myself is part of my job. I am Astalif image because they are the creams that I use: simple and effective way to improve the appearance of my skin. Actresses tend to be forced to wear too much make-up, and ensuring the health of the skin is essential. I don't have much time to give me massages or undergo continuous treatments that require effort and patience. I have small children, and for me, right now, the priority is to sleep.

In film festivals, when they become more visible, sometimes hard to recognize some actresses, very changed by the botox and cosmetic surgery... do you think in this respect?
To me I do not like to judge anyone or give lessons... Each can do whatever she wants.

Say it another way, are excessive pressure that actresses seem almost compelled to hide their wrinkles?
It is a trap. My face has to tell stories and express feelings, cannot remain frozen in a single paper at a time. Look, I think that, today, good lighting makes miracles.


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