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Jul 15, 2012

The similarities are uncanny! Naomi is Diana again Jul15, 2012

Naomi Watts pulls off another one of Princess Diana's iconic looks in a pretty blue dress

15 July 2012

Ever since Naomi Watts began filming Diana, onlookers have had to double take and Friday was no different.

The 43-year-old actress was the spitting image of the late Princess Diana has she copied another one of her iconic looks while shooting the film in Croatia.

Sporting a short blue dress, that bared many similarities to one that Diana wore, Watts seemed to be filming a scene that showed Diana on a night out at the Royal Albert Hall in 1997.

As Naomi strolled along in the sunshine, it was unsure whether or not the cameras were actually rolling as she wore a smile on her face.

The sleeveless blue garment appeared to be made of very similar material to the one that Diana wore, and even featured the same bow detail on the straps.

However, rather than wear it with a pair of silver shoes and a blue clutch bag, the Australian star wore black pointy heels and carried a matching bag instead.

Watts has been spotted several times in the last few weeks modelling memorable looks of Diana's.

The mother-of-two is of course sporting the late princess' short cropped blonde hair style as she films the biopic.

In the last week, Watts has filmed the tragic car scene in Paris which saw Diana die following a horrific car crash.

'Terrified': Watts has admitted recently that she was scared to take on the role of Princess Diana

She has also filmed scenes of Diana on holiday with Dodi Al Fayed in Portofino in August 1997- just one week before her death.

The film will follow the last two years of Diana's life before her death and focus on her relationship with heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan, who is being portrayed by Lost star Naveen Andrews, and her last romance with Dodi.

Watts has said she is ‘terrified’ of playing such an icon on film. The movie from German director Oliver Hirschbiegel was originally called Caught In Flight, before being changed to simply Diana.


green said...

A beautiful dress worn by a beautiful woman. Love it!

Anonymous said...

She looks so uncanny Diana in these pictures.

emma C said...

Thank you for Naomi.

tommyG said...

Although she is older age-wise but looks at least 10 years younger than Diana, and much cuter.