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Sep 5, 2012

Naomi at brother's party @ Milk Gallery on Sep 4, 2012

Family members coming out to Ben Watts' Mixtape Party At Milk Studios yesterday on Sep 4, 2012.


At Ben Watts' "Mix Tape" opening at the the Milk Studios, Naomi Watts said about her brother: "He had always had a flair for the visual, even before he got interested in photography. He was always drawing or painting. He was always very much an artist, and always very good with his hands and eyes,” she said. And she has very much taken to her brother’s latest endeavor of shooting pictures with a phone. “It’s terrible to admit that I don’t travel with a camera anymore,” she said, laughing. “Everything’s all about the instant moment, and [the phone] is the most accessible thing, isn’t it?”

Is Naomi Watts one of those people who stops on crowded sidewalks to text, or answers during dinner? “I might be, yeah. I confess,” she told One thing she couldn’t talk about is her Princess Diana biopic—“I can’t say anything yet; it’s too early, I’m still filming it”—but she did admit she loves the clothes.

“The costumes are amazing, and very reflective of what’s going on right now, with the whole ‘90s thing,” Naomi says. And it’s not all re-created looks, there is also genuine couture in the mix. “I wear a Versace dress that she wore,” she said.

Meanwhile, Naomi is back in New York from Venice and was seen with her two sons out having a leisure stroll in town.

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