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Mar 30, 2013

"Perfect Mothers" French Opening Apr 3, 2013 - TV Promo

 "Perfect Mothers" French Opening April 3, 2013 
As part of the opening promo for "Perfect Mothers" in France on Apr 3, 2013, Naomi and director Anne Fontaine made an appearace on the French Le Grand Journal TV Talkshow sponsored by Canal Plus, to discuss and answer questions about the controversial film with the hosts and the audience. We, at [NW2005] have the clip of the entire show but due to copyrights restriction can only reproduce here a brief excerpt in limited size & LQ plus selective video captures from the session. So sorry about that but hope you will enjoy the short clip and pictures which are unique and exclusive to our fans.

[Excerpt of clip]


Anonymous said...

Robin Wright has not participated in any promo of this film. I wonder if she is trying to distance herself from it.

Anonymous said...

Robin doesn't like traveling.

Amy said...

When will this open in the U.S.?

s2 said...

Can't wait for this, but she is having 3 films coming out this year, but only one of them can be for the Oscar, it's so sad.