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Aug 6, 2013

[Article] Naomi Watts discusses Diana accent

Naomi Watts was extremely nervous of perfecting Britain's late Princess of Wales' accent for her new movie.

Naomi Watts was wary of making Britain's late Princess of Wales' accent too "fruity" in her new movie.

The actress portrays the iconic royal in Diana, which is due out later this year. The movie focuses on the final two years of Diana's life, following her divorce from Prince Charles. It looks at her relationships with Dr. Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed before her death in a Paris car crash in 1997.

Naomi worked feverishly to get the princess' mannerisms and accent right and was determined to be as believable as possible.

"I was very nervous about the accent. She had a very distinct voice; she came from aristocracy so she was quite posh, but there was a warmth there, too - her accent wasn't too 'fruity'. She also had this thing where the bottom half of her face didn't move that much," she said......

Diana famously gave a TV interview to UK programme Panorama following her split from Charles, in which she discussed what went wrong with her marriage. She famously said there were "three of us" in the relationship, referring to Charles' now-wife Camilla and also confirmed she had suffered from bulimia.

The sequence features in the movie and Naomi knew how vital it would be.

"A few times? I watched it pretty much every day, during make-up; I went running with it playing in my iPod... it was probably the thing I was most committed to getting exactly right - the head moves, the eye moves, the hair - because everyone knows it so well, it's just an extraordinary piece of TV," she explained.

Naomi has been praised for her portrayal, with many saying the resemblance between the actress and royal is uncanny.

She got to experience another side of Diana's life during the shoot, as so many photographers were keen to get pictures of the shoot.

"It's part of the job, but it can be very irritating," she explained. "There were certain nights shooting in Croatia when we just had a wall of them - the sound of shutters going was very off-putting! But then that was Diana's life, so it did feel quite ironic."


s2 said...

Her accent is excellent from the trailer.

johnQ said...

I think she has nailed it.