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Aug 6, 2013

[NW2005 1stLOOK] First "DIANA" full-length International Trailer

Baby Prince George may be the centre of royal attention right now, but his late grandmother is about to steal back the spotlight.

Diana, the movie in which Naomi Watts plays the Princess of Wales, has its world premiere in London on September 5 and opens in Australian cinemas on October 10.

The first full trailer for Diana has been unveiled and it shows the core of the story is the Diana's romance with heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan, said to be the love of her life.

When the surgeon (played by Lost actor Naveen Andrews) says he doesn't know how to contact Diana, she says, "Well, I'm like most people - I've got a mobile. Actually, I'm not like most people, I have four".

As their relationship progresses, Khan struggles to cope with the press intrustion into his life and complains to Diana, "If I marry you, I'll have to marry the whole world as well".

The trailer also touches on Diana using her fame to bring attention to the dangers of landmines, her red carpet appearance in Sydney in 1996 and her dalliance with Dodi Al Fayed.

Watts recently told UK media that she did not envy Diana's existence.

"Someone like her could not make a move without planning it within an inch of her life. It creates a lonely existence and a paranoid state of mind."


s2 said...

She looks very beautiful in this trailer, super!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful trailer, thanks!

Emma C said...

Thanks for Naomi.

johnny said...

Great scenes between her and Andrews who played the doctor. I think she has nailed the accent.

kidwatt said...

Great! She just nailed it! I can't wait til this comes to the US. I'm telling all my friends!

TommyG said...

Opening dates are quite confusing right now, Sep 5, 10, 20...? And isn't it going to be screened during some film festivals? Nothing so far.