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Nov 14, 2014

Naomi Watts on the set of "Three Generations" again - set 2

Suffering for her art: Naomi Watts ditches the glamour as she wears unflattering denim jumpsuit to film Three Generations

She's one of the world's most glamorous stars. But for her new film Three Generations, Naomi Watts is sacrificing the glitz and the glam for a bit more grit. The 46-year-old was spotted on Tuesday filming in New York City where she stayed in character wearing an unflattering denim jumpsuit.

In Three Generations, Naomi plays Maggie, a single mother who has to come to terms with the idea of raising her only daughter as a son named Ray. Played by Elle Fanning, 16, Ray has to deal with reactions both inside and outside his family. Susan Sarandon, 68, co-stars as Dolly, Maggie's music manager mother, who shares a brownstone with her lesbian partner.


Anonymous said...

A mom looking like a sister.

s2 said...

Grandma, mom and daughter have some similar facial features, making it convincing. Casting manager has done a good good.

Santos said...

So cute, Naomi.

Paula said...

I wonder how they sort out the accent of Sarandon here the grandmother.