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Nov 20, 2014

Naomi Watts suffered an eating malfunction (?) on set of "Three Generations"

Naomi Watts' Chocolate Mustache Makes Her Look Like Charlie Chaplin and...Well, You Know.

The actress was spotted walking around the set of her upcoming film Three Generations with chocolate on her face after enjoying a surely delicious chocolate chip cookie.

Whether it's unclear if the sweet mustache was on purpose for the film or just a mishap while snacking between takes, we can't help but notice that she ended up channeling Charlie Chaplin and, um, you know...that other guy that we just won't mention (because eating chocolate chip cookies is meant to be a happy occasion and we don't want to be the buzz kill of this tasty party).

In the film, Watt's plays the mother of Elle Fanning, who is portraying a transgender teen transitioning from female to male. Three Generations, which also stars Susan Sarandon, follows Fanning's transition and Watts' journey to come to terms with having a transgender child.


Ken said...

This photo reminds me of her performance in King Kong.

s2 said...

Yes it was at the beginning of the film when she was performing on stage as Charlie Chaplin.

Santos said...

Funny Naomi!