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Dec 27, 2014

Naomi Watts on her stage experience

During a recent interview on her new movie "Birdman", Naomi Watts revealed a little bit about her previous stage experience, which is never-before-told.

NAOMI WATTS: I did a “Mary Poppins” number, maybe I was 6. I sang the song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” I lived in a small town outside London, in Kent. Every festival season with the Shoreham Players I would always play a part. I did “Oliver Twist,” 

I was part of the chorus line. Sometimes a little act skit written by someone. I was always keen on that.......

Nervous? Always. I remember it back then and I remember it well now. And it’s kept me off the stage, because of the fear of giving in to the fear. I do want to get back to doing something, eventually. I’ve worked through fear in different areas of life. That’s the one I haven’t confronted yet. I’ve done “The 24 Hour Plays” a couple of times. That’s fear on steroids. It happens to people who’ve done a lot of work in film. It’s too much pressure, that’s the whole thing for me. Which makes me think I should do it in a less obvious spot, like Sydney.


Nickson said...

Interesting revelation from the actress.

Anonymous said...

Me looking forward to see her on a play in Broadway soon.

Green said...

I love her performance in this movie.