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Apr 9, 2015

New Clips from Naomi Watts' "While We're Young", with Ben Stiller (videos)

* video credit: Movies Coming Soon

[While We're Young Featurette - Cast]

*video credit: Movies Coming Soon


kidwatt said...

I really really want to go see this! I haven't been this excited about one of her movies in a while. What's great is I think it's playing at the theatre I go to. I might see Insurgent, too! Funny, I live in a very populated area of Southern California, but it's often hard to go to Naomi's movies, because the independent theatres involve too much hassle (traffic, parking, etc.)

Richard said...

I fully understand and am with you, kidwatt. Here in Toronto, likewise, her movies are always shown only at locations downtown, and I live uptown, and that means at least 45 mins driving or more than an hour public transport like the subway. Traffic is busy most of the times. I can't wait to see this one too which I think is one of her best in recent years based on the critics' reviews.

S2 said...

She is so beautiful in those clips, and very funny!