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May 21, 2015

Support Naomi Watts for Charity!

[Artwork 1 on left] [Artwork 2 on right]

LilySarahGrace COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES Celebrity Art Auction! Raising funds and awareness for Arts Infused Education in underfunded public elementary schools nationwide.

Refer Your Friends

Starting on May 17, 2015, LilySarahGrace will be auctioning off 50 ONE OF A KIND original artworks created by artists from a variety of disciplines, to bid on to raise funds and awareness for LSG.

LilySarahGrace was founded in April 2012, in memory of Lily, Sarah, and Grace Badger – three sisters who lost their lives in a house fire on Christmas morning 2011.

Matthew Badger and his partner Abby Ballin started LSG in memory of his three daughters, each of whom had dyslexia. LSG honors them, and their highly creative intelligences, through its promotion of Arts-Infused Inquiry Based Learning (AIIBL).

LSG promotes AIIBL by awarding grants and professional development to teachers and empowering those teachers to provide creative and dynamic instruction in their classrooms. To date LilySarahGrace has given out over 1 million dollars in supplies and funded projects in every state in

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John Wight said...

Nice drawings. Hope someone will pick them up.

Anonymous said...

Support her charity efforts. By the way, those are very nice, think she drew her son.

Emma C said...

Thank you for Naomi.

Anonymous said...