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Jun 24, 2016

[Naomi Watts Daily] Coming home after filming in Montreal Jun 23, 2016

Quite a homecoming! A radiant Naomi Watts ferries cupcakes to her family in NYC after a week of filming her new film "The Glass Castle" in Montreal

The mother of two says that she is on a winning streak and is landing better movie roles the older she gets, admitting: 'I don’t want to curse myself by saying this, but I’m going to, I guess things are pretty OK for me.' The Glass Castle is the film adaptation of the best-selling memoir by journalist Jeanette Walls in which she details her unconventional and poverty-stricken childhood and her eventual escape to New York City where she ultimately gets a job at a newspaper. The drama is slated for a 2017 release.


Tessa said...

Thanks for these beautiful pics. Has she finished with the Glass Castle already?

Oliver said...

She looks so cute and youthful in those pyjama overall, yes she doesn't look her age.

Anonymous said...

Love her outfit at the airport.

Mary said...

Lately she is seen always wearing that necklace with a rectangular ring shape of thing, I wonder that must be a present for some kind of a special event. Anyone knows?